BOSS-Man Chilli Burger

A donated recipe for a monster chilli burger.

Serves 6 | Cooking time: 1hr 15mins


500g Minced beef (The best quality you can afford)
1 Medium sized red onion
1 Big dollop of South Devon Chilli Farm Pepper Relish
Tsp of Mixed Herbs
Tsp of Parsley
2 Egg Yolks (remove whites)
Splash of Olive oil


Finely chop the onions and place in a mixing bowl. Separate 2 egg yolks and add to the onions. Add minced beef to egg and onion mix. Add the Parsley, Mixed Herbs and the key ingredient a big dollop of SDCF Pepper Relish before using your hands to mix ingredients until the whole mix binds in to a large ball.

Form a beef ball in to the size of a snooker ball. If you have one, use a burger press to press in to the burger shape (I recommend at least an inch high to ensure they keep their shape during cooking), alternatively form in to a burger patty shape using your hands. Heat a splash of olive oil in a griddle pan (or even better BBQ) on a high/medium heat.

Place burger patty’s on to griddle and cook until the juices run from the top of the burger. Flip the burger and cook the other side until juices run clear, flip and add a slice of mature cheddar cheese (not processed cheese slice) at this stage if you fancy a cheeseburger. Remove burger and serve in a seeded burger bap with ketchup, burger sauce, onion relish or any other garnish you fancy.