Cheese and Chilli Jam Party Dip

A really easy to prepare party dip.


1 or 2 packs of soft cheese 
1 jar of SDCF Chilli Jam 
1 or 2 packs of breadsticks or vegetable crudites


Empty the soft cheese onto a serving plate/bowl. Using 2 spoons or forks, smooth the cheese upwards into a mound shape, similar to a volcano.  Stir the chilli jam with a spoon until it becomes a little less set and then spoon lots of it over the cheese mound, so that it runs down, covers the cheese and gathers at the bottom.                                                                          

Use the bread sticks and crudites to dip into the mound, picking up a delicious combination of cheese and jam.

For an even easier version, place the soft cheese in a small bowl, level the top and then add a layer of Chilli Jam.