Chilli Chocolate Cupcakes

Choose your favourite flavour of South Devon Chilli Farm Chilli Chocolate for this recipe - we find Orange works particularly well with cake mixes, but it would be equally good with Original, Flaked Sea Salt or Madagascar. For an extra hot version you could try the Extreme!


4oz sugar
4oz vegetable spread (eg. Flora) / butter
2 eggs
3oz self raising flour
1oz cocoa powder 
1 packet of Chilli Chocolate, broken into small pieces (you might only need to use 1/2 the pack)


In a large bowl, cream the spread/butter with the sugar until it turns paler in colour. This is best achieved with an electric mixer. Add the eggs, flour and cocoa powder and gradually beat in, continue until all ingredients are well mixed and the mixture is light and airy. 

Spoon the mixture equally into 12 paper cupcake cases, in a cupcake tray. Press about 6-8 small pieces of chilli chocolate into each cupcake, leaving some sticking up slightly. 

Bake the cupcakes in the middle of a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees C for about 15/20 mins until cooked - they will spring back to shape when pressed lightly in the middle.

Serve warm with custard or cool on a wire rack and store in airtight tin.