Pickling Recipe

Why not pickle some chillies to keep in the store cupboard. Pickled chillies are great with kebabs or as a side to a ploughmans and with pizza or cheese on toast.

This classic pickling recipe is great with Santa Fe Grande, Jalapeno or Pepperoncini chillies.


Vinegar mix: Usually about 2/3rd of the volume of the jar. For a medium Kilner jar (560ml), mix 200ml of white-wine vinegar, 200 ml water and 20g sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Chillies: approximately 200g of fresh chillies


For 'fat' chillies like Santa Fe Grande or Jalapeno, we suggest slicing width-wise into rings. 

For Pepperoncini/whole chillies, cram them into the jar until the jar is 80% full - the same volume for sliced chillies (like Santa Fe Grande).
Take the vinegar off the heat, pour into the jar until the chillies are covered.
Seal the jar and leave in a cool cupboard for at least 4 weeks. 


Recommended Fresh Chillies: