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Chilli Jam
Chilli Jam (250g)
Heat of Product : Mild to Medium

Chilli Jam is our best seller – probably due to its versatility: great with cheese, eggs, fish, meat, seafood…


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Chilli seedlings by post
Stunning Six Seedlings (Pre-order now for...
Heat of Product : Hot

PLEASE NOTE: this a pre-order product - the plants will not be delivered until early Spring.

Six very attractive chilli plant seedlings.

PLEASE NOTE: UK ONLY - we only ship this item within the UK.

Dried Carolina Reaper Chillies (SDCF chil...
Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The world's hottest chillies in 2017.

Very, very hot and fruity, these chillies are grown and dried on our farm and retain their vibrant red/orange colour. 

These chillies are very, very hot - Take Care when Handling!

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Aleppo Flakes
Dried Aleppo Chilli Flake Mix - 85g Jar ...
Heat of Product : Mild

85g Aleppo Chilli Flakes - A Turkish chilli pepper, named after the Syrian town on the Silk Road spice route.

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Super Chilli Sauce gift set
Super Sauce 3-bottle Gift Pack
Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

All three of our 'Super' chilli sauce range, our hottest sauces! in a great looking gift set.

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Hot Dry Spice Rub
Hot Dry Spice Rub - 110g Jar
Heat of Product : Medium

110g Hot Dry Spice Rub. A classic rub to make sweet and spicy pork ribs; also makes delicious spicy cauliflower steaks.

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Chilli Chocolate milk
Milk Chilli Chocolate (80g)
Heat of Product : Medium

Delicious Belgian milk chocolate combined with a special blend of our Devon-grown chillies. 

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Cornish Sea Salt™
Cornish Sea Salt™ Crystals

Cornish Sea Salt™ crystals

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Salt & Peppery by Cornish Sea Salt™

Salt & Peppery

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Peppery Umami by Cornish Sea Salt™

Peppery Umami

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Savoury Umami by Cornish Sea Salt™

Savoury Umami

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Chilli Grwoing Kit
Chilli Growing Kit - Chilli Selection - 4...
Heat of Product : Mild to Very Hot

Chillies are very rewarding plants to grow - they look great and can produce large crops. This kit contains all you need to grow your own chillies from seed in a snazzy gift box.

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