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Chilli Jelly
Hot Apple Chilli Jelly (250g)
Heat of Product : Hot

Our Chilli Jelly is made from just Bramley apples, sugar, and fresh chillies. Chilli Jelly is excellent with all cheeses and meats.

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Chipotle sauce
Smoky Chipotle Sauce (140ml)
Heat of Product : Medium

This medium-hot, traditional Mexican sauce is made with our oak-smoked Jalapenos (Chipotles). It is great as a smokey ketchup on burgers and sausages and also delicious in a wrap with chicken. Try it as well with eggs or make a dip by adding it to sour cream.

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Bhut Jolikia mash
Extreme Chilli Mash
Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

Extremely hot chilli paste with fresh and dried Bhut Jolokia chillies.

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Coir jiffy plant plugs
Coir Compost Plugs (peat-free)

20 Jiffy-7 Coir compost plugs - 33mm (expanding to 35mm x 38mm), peat-free

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Apache chilli seeds
Apache F1 hybrid Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Hot

This Sutton Seeds F1 hybrid is a very fast growing, productive plant. This is an ideal plant for growing indoors. The 3cm long fruits ripen to a vivid red.

Coir potting compost
Coir Compost 1ltr Bag (peat-free)

Coir compost with perlite, quick-release and slow-release feed (peat-free).

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Antillais Habanero chilli seeds
Antillais Caribbean Habanero Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Very Hot

A large and juicy red Habanero / Scotch Bonnet with extreme heat and fruity flavour. Large (5cm long) fruits turning green to red. Plant grows to 1m high.

'Apache' Chilli Plant in 8Ltr pot
Chilli Pot Plants (Pre-order now for deli...
Heat of Product : Heatless to Hot

Chilli Plants in 1Ltr (13cm) pots. 

PLEASE NOTE: UK ONLY - we only ship this item within the UK.

Dried Aji Limon Chilli (SDCF chillies)
Heat of Product : Hot
These Aji Limon chillies dry to a vivid yellow in our low-heat dryers and have the taste and smell of dried banana! They are very popular with chicken, or...

six 1ltr plant pots
Six 1ltr Plant Pots

Six one Litre plant pots. These are the ideal size for potting on our chilli seedlings.

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Piri Piri Chilli Sauce UK
Piri Piri Sauce (100ml)
Heat of Product : Medium

A classic lemony and salty, savoury sauce! 

A delicious sauce to liven up every dish, whether you are making the classic piri piri chicken or just want to add some pizzazz to every meal.

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Chilli Chocolate, orange
Orange Chilli Chocolate (80g)
Heat of Product : Medium

Delicious dark Belgian chocolate combined with a special blend of our Devon-grown chillies and a squeeze of essential orange oil.

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