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Cool 'n' Smoky BBQ sauce
Cool 'n' Smoky BBQ Sauce (280g)
Heat of Product : Medium

A sticky, smoky BBQ sauce with a mild chilli heat.

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Hot 'n' Smoky BBQ sauce
Hot 'n' Smoky BBQ Sauce (280g)
Heat of Product : Medium to Hot

A sticky, smoky BBQ sauce with a flaming hot chilli heat.

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Bhut Jolokia seeds
Bhut Jolokia Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The first 'Super' chilli!
The Bhut Jolokia (A.k.a. Naga Jolokia or Ghost) was officially measured at over one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in 2006. 

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RHS Chilli Grower's Book
RHS Red Hot Chilli Grower Book

RHS Red Hot Chilli Grower Book

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Cool Jalapeno Chilli Ketchup
Cool Jalapeno Chilli Ketchup (280g)
Heat of Product : Mild

The Cool Jalapeno Habanero Ketchup is our mildest ketchup with just a tingle of heat on the tastebuds.

A “goes-with-everything” type of sauce, especially good for dipping crisp and fluffy chips and providing a tasty accompaniment to any meal; from al fresco BBQs with friends to family dinners - a sauce for all occasions!

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Hungarian Hot Wax chillies
Hungarian Hot Wax Chillies (4 Fruits)
£2.50 £2.00
Heat of Product : Medium

These are thick & fleshy fruits about 6 inches in length. They are ideal for chopping finely into salads, stuffing with cheese or grilling. Normally available Mid July to the end of November.

Jalapeno chillies
Jalapeno (5 fruits)
Heat of Product : Medium

This is probably the most well known of chillies. Very versatile with medium heat, fruits 3" long.  Ideal for nachos, stuffing for 'poppers', salsas and general cooking.  Normally available Mid July to the end of November.

Chilli Chocolate, Honeycomb
Honeycomb Chilli Chocolate (80g)
Heat of Product : Mild

Delicious dark Belgian chocolate combined with a special blend of our Devon-grown chillies and honeycomb pieces. 

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Smoked paprika hot
Smoked Spanish Paprika - Hot
Heat of Product : Hot

70g tin of 'Safinter' hot, smoked paprika. This is a top seller in our farm shop. Use it for meats, pasta, rice, omelettes, vinaigrettes, guacamole, fish...

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Big Bomb chilli seeds
Big Bomb Chilli Seeds (F1)
Heat of Product : Medium

An early, bright red ‘cherry-style’ chilli maturing from green to red, 5cm-wide fruits. Thick-walled chilli growing on a medium-sized plant (40cm) - perfect for pickling or stuffing with cheese as an appetizer.

Chilli Jam gift set
Chilli Jam Gift Pack
Heat of Product : Mild to Hot

Chilli Jam, Chilli Jelly and Chilli Chutney. Delicious preserves in a rustic gift pack, printed with serving suggestions.



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Cherry Bomb Suace
Cherry Bomb Sauce (100ml)
Heat of Product : Medium

An explosion of Flavour! 

The fuse was lit on this sauce about 5 years ago, when we set ourselves the goal of creating a medium heat sauce with bags of flavour that we could splash all over everything.

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