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Chilli Salsa Gift Set
Three Salsa PartyPack
Heat of Product : Mild to Hot

Three delicious salsas in a colourful pack, great for a gift or taking to a party - just add chips and party on!



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Chilli Lovers Hamper Box
Chilli Gift Selection in hamper
Heat of Product : Medium to Hot

Chilli Selection in a black Hamper box. 


Chill Drinking Chocolate in Kilner Jar
Chilli Drinking Chocolate in a Jar (200g)
Heat of Product : Mild

Try this Aztec-style hot chocolate - for a drink that warms you twice!

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Dried Guajillo
Dried Guajillo Chillies (SDCF chillies)
Heat of Product : Medium

This mild/medium heat chilli is ideal for adding bright-red colour and heat to sauces, soups, stews and salsa. 

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Biquinho chilli seeds
Biquinho Red Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Medium

Biquinho is Portuguese for little beak and the chillies on this plant can be said to resemble small bird beaks. This plant produces a mass of teardrop or pearl shaped chilli fruits which hang from the plant like small lanterns. These popular chillies are often found preserved in jars or used on pizzas.

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Habanero Salsa
Hot Habanero Salsa (240g)
Heat of Product : Medium to Hot

Ideal for corn-chip or potato-chip dipping, this is our Habanero salsa. It is hotter than your average salsa but still very moreish!

Our salsa is also great in wraps or as a burger relish. Try using it as a ready-made pasta sauce!

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Chipotle Salsa
Smoky Chipotle Salsa (240g)
Heat of Product : Medium

Ideal for corn-chip or potato-crisp dipping, this is our Chipotle salsa - milder than the Habanero salsa and with the distinctive flavour of Chipotles (oak-smoked Jalapeno chillies). Our salsas are also great in wraps or as a burger relish. Try using it as a ready-made pasta sauce!

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Chilli Sauce gift set
Chilli Sauce Gift Pack 3 Bottle
Heat of Product : Mild to Hot

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Habanero Chilli Sauce and Smokey Chipotle Chilli Sauce in a rustic gift pack, printed with serving suggestions.

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Cool Jalapeno Salsa
Cool Jalapeno Salsa (240g)
Heat of Product : Mild

New for 2017! Our Cool  Jalapeno salsa - so mild you can scoop up lots with each chip you dip!  Just the right amount of heat to enjoy the whole jar in one go. 

As well as using as a dip, why not try as a pasta sauce, a pizza topping, with cheese and crackers or with eggs. 

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Hot Habanero sauce
Hot Orange Habanero Sauce (100ml)
Heat of Product : Very Hot

Single-Variety Chilli Sauce - 'Habanero'. Simple ingredients and simply amazing!

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Bulgarian Carrot chilli seeds
Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Hot

This variety from Bulgaria is well suited to the short UK growing season. It produces a good crop of hot fruits that ripen from green to orange. The fruits grow to 3 - 4 inches long with smooth and glossy skin and are hot with a fruity flavour. The plant grows to 2' high. 

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Chilli Oil and Vinegar kit
Chilli Oil and Vinegar DIY kit - 2 bottle...
Heat of Product : Hot

For this gift, we've chosen a mix of the chillies (grown and dried on the farm) that are ideal for making chilli oil and chilli vinegar. These two attractive, 250ml bottles have a stopper and an oil pourer and are part-filled with dried Aji Limon and Ring of Fire chillies. 

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