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10 chilli seed packets in a gift box
'Top 10' Chilli Seed Gift Set in a gift Box
Heat of Product : Mild to Very Hot

10 of our best selling seeds in a gift box. The seed selection changes with availability. 

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7 chilli seed gift box
Hot Six Chilli Seed Gift Set in Box
Heat of Product : Very Hot to Extreme

Our Hottest Chilli Seed Collection (6 packets) in a gift box. The seed selection changes with availability.

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Jalapeno sauce
Jalapeno Chilli Sauce (100ml).
Heat of Product : Medium

Single-Variety Chilli Sauce - 'Jalapeno'

Our Jalapeno chilli sauce has the distinctive lemon-flavour of Jalapenos in abundance. Jalapeno sauce can be used with most savoury food, but it is particularly good on pasta, rice dishes, pizza, nachos and cheese-on-toast.

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Aji chilli sauce
Peruvian Chilli Sauce (100ml)
Heat of Product : Hot

Made with Devon-grown Aji Red chillies. 

Aji (pronounced a-hee) is a Peruvian chilli with plenty of lemony flavour.

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Cherry Bomb chilli seeds
Cherry Bomb Chilli Seeds (F1)
Heat of Product : Medium

This is a hugely popular and versatile chilli that is also very easy to grow. The plant produces an abundance of eye-catching bright red fleshy fruits (5cm round) which mature in around 60 days from potting on. They can be stuffed with cheese and baked, or used for cooking and fresh salsa.

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Chilly Chilli seeds
Chilly Chilli Seeds (F1 - Heatless)

This small (20cm high), attractive plant is a riot of bright orange and red with clusters of heatless fruits maturing to 6cm long. Ideal for children to grow, and good for salads.

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SB Invigorator spray
SB Plant Invigorator - Aphid Spray

Ready-to-use Aphid spray.

Controls a wide range of pests, including Whitefly, Aphid, Spider Mite and Mealybug.

Physical mode of action, safe to use on edible crops with no harvest interval.

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Mixed Fresh Chillies
Lucky Dip Mixed Chillies
Heat of Product : Medium to Hot

If you would like to sample some of the chillies we have, or just need a mixed bag of heats and flavours, try this collection.

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Fresh Aji chillies
Aji Limon (8 fruits)
£3.00 £2.50
Heat of Product : Hot

This variety originates in Peru. About 3 inches long, slightly wrinkled and yellow. 

Bhut Jolokia Jam
Extreme Chilli Jam (250g)
Heat of Product : Extremely Hot for a Jam!

Very hot Chilli Jam with fresh and dried Bhut Jolokia chillies for a longer and more immediate heat sensation!


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Chilli Drinking Chocolate
Chilli Drinking Chocolate - 200g pack
Heat of Product : Mild

Try this Aztec-style hot chocolate for a drink that warms you twice!

 A unique smooth and dreamy experience in a cup! 


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Corno di Toro chilli seeds
Corno di Toro Seeds (Heatless)
Heat of Product : No or very little heat

The Bull's Horn. This is a delicious, red sweet pepper. No heat, but a very intense flavour, thick juicy flesh and thin skin. Fruits grow up to 15 cm long on a large upright plant. Great for grilling and BBQ.

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