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Aji Limon chilli seeds
Aji Limon Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Hot

This heavy cropping and easy-to-grow Peruvian variety grows into a large, drooping plant with fruits 6-8cm long that ripen to bright yellow. The fresh fruit has a distinctive citrus flavour.

Ring of Fire chilli seeds
Ring of Fire Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Hot

Ring of Fire is a hot cayenne type which is very quick to mature. We grow a lot of these on the farm and it is always the first hot chilli to ripen. 

5 Fresh, Green Jalapeno chillies
Jalapeno Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Medium

The Jalapeño (Capsicum Annuum) is probably the mostly widely know chilli variety in the world.

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Chilli Focus plant food
Chilli Focus Plant Food

Chilli Focus is an ideal feeding programme for chillies. It can help produce healthier, more vigorous plants and promotes fruiting.

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A bowl of cooked Padron peppers
Pimientos de Padron Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Mild

These peppers are traditionally picked immature (usually when about 5cm long) before they have developed any heat. You may have seen the fruits in Spain or in a Spanish Tapas bars; they are usually quickly fried in olive oil and sea salt and served hot. 

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Chilli Grwoing Kit
Chilli Growing Kit - Chilli Selection - 4...
Heat of Product : Mild to Very Hot

Chillies are very rewarding plants to grow - they look great and can produce large crops. This kit contains all you need to grow your own chillies from seed in a snazzy gift box.

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Carolina Reaper Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The Carolina Reaper has been measured at over 2 million scoville units and is the hottest chilli we currently grow. 

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'Apache' Chilli Plant in 8Ltr pot
Chilli Pot Plants (Pre-order now for deli...
Heat of Product : Heatless to Hot

Chilli Plants in 1Ltr (13cm) pots. 

PLEASE NOTE: UK ONLY - we only ship this item within the UK.

Biquinho chilli seeds
Biquinho Red Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Medium

Biquinho is Portuguese for little beak and the chillies on this plant can be said to resemble small bird beaks. This plant produces a mass of teardrop or pearl shaped chilli fruits which hang from the plant like small lanterns. These popular chillies are often found preserved in jars or used on pizzas.

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Bhut Jolokia seeds
Bhut Jolokia Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The first 'Super' chilli!
The Bhut Jolokia (A.k.a. Naga Jolokia or Ghost) was officially measured at over one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in 2006. 

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Orange Habanero chilli seeds
Orange Habanero Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Very Hot

This is the most commonly grown Habanero and one of the easiest to grow. The fruits are up to 2.5cm x 4cm and are produced on a shrubby bush up to 70cm tall x 70cm wide.

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Scotch Bonnet chilli seeds
Scotch Bonnet Chilli Seeds
Heat of Product : Very Hot

The famous Scotch Bonnet is named for its resemblance to a Tam o'shanter hat. The flavour is similar to other 'Habanero' types and the fruits are used to make hot sauces throughout the Caribbean.