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Extreme Chilli Chocolate (80g Box)



Heat of Product : Hot

Extra-Hot chilli chocolate in a box.

We added the mighty Bhut Jolokia chilli to our original Belgian Plain Chocolate (60% cocoa) to make an Extreme version of our classic Chilli Chocolate.

This chocolate is much hotter than any other chocolates in our range, but is still a great taste combination!

This Chilli Chocolate also makes a great addition to chilli con carne recipes, to give your meal a rich colour and flavour.

The chocolate is still handmade and each box contains at least 80g of handmade chocolate 'slices' (a cross between a slab and a wafer).


  • Chocolate: 99% (cocoa solids: 60%, sugar, soya lecithin(E322), natural vanilla), dried Bhut Jolokia chillies: 1%.

May contain traces of milk and nuts

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Everyone has different tolerances. I like Chilli and whilst I am not running around calling for the firemen after having a piece, there is a good heat to it that sticks around. It is a perfect match for the lovely smooth chocolate. Highly recommended.
I think the people leaving reviews saying there is no chilli taste must have either no taste buds or no tongue. I have been eating this in tiny chunks and it is very hot! The heat stays in your mouth for a while after the initial chilli heat hit and the chocolate is lovely. I've only eaten this as it is so far, but I think it would make an amazing hot chocolate or would be great in cooking.
Christmas present but won't wait till next Christmas for another!
Lovely chocolate, great taste & value ????
The only chilli chocolate that hits the mark.
It’s nice chocolate but certainly not ‘extreme’ chilli. I would describe it as only slightly more than mild.
A really good flavour combination and the heat was noticeable but not too much to overpower the flavour
At last a chilli chocolate that taste's of chilli
Bit of after burn, but no real heat to it. Definitely not extreme heat as mentioned on the label.
Superb stuff! Can be used in hot chocolate. Also goes well with marmite.
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