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Original Chilli Chocolate



Heat of Product : Medium

Made with a delicious Belgian Plain Chocolate (60% cocoa) and a blend of South Devon Chilli Farm chillies.
The combination of chocolate and chillies has been popular in South America and Mexico since the Mayans and Aztecs, and we agree that they go together superbly.

Each bag contains at least 100g of  handmade chocolate 'wafers'.


Winner of a silver award from Taste of the West in 2005.






Chocolate: 99% (cocoa solids: 60%, Sugar, emulsifier: soya lecithin(E322), natural vanilla), dried Devon chillies: 1%

May contain traces of milk and nuts

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Oh my goodness. I have never tasted anything so delicious and surprisingly exciting. I intended to make the packet last all week. In fact, I had finished the lot in the car before I got home.
Discovered a vendor of chilli chocolate at my local Wyevale Garden Centre in Wendover. Never mind their garden supplies; from now on I will be a regular customer of Chilli Chocolate. Yum!
This is AMAZING. Without exaggeration, I feel sorry for everyone who isn't eating this right now. A lovely kick and great texture.
My son gave me some Original Chilli Chocolate for my birthday and, after my initial reservations, I thought it was absolutely delicious. I'll definitely buy it again & maybe try some of the other varieties.
I work in a laboratory and one of our suppliers included a bar of your wonderful "Original Chill Chocolate" as a gift.
I will be trying the rest of your range now as this was such a lovely surprise.!!!!!
stumbled on farm when in devon last week,nice people and great products,the bhut joloka sauce was b***dy hot enough for me and the chilli chocolates are to die for ,will be buying more by mail order
I absolutely love your Chilli Chocolate, Orange Chilli Chocolate and your Chilli Hot Chocolate! I am so pleased that I can order online as I have now moved away from Devon to Scotland, it is very warming to have my favourite treats from home here in the freezing northern winter (and summer!!). Many of my new friends and neighbours are fast becoming fans too!! Thank you so very much for this wonderful service and quality of products. I am looking forward to discovering new favourites from your online range.
Your chilli chocolate makes our weekday chilli con carne a supermeal - thank you
ps we are awaiting our joe longs and hungarian hotwaxes to ripen then it will be all systems go!!
Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your chilli chocolate. Recently tried another brand and well you if you ate it blindfolded you would just think it was ordinary chocolate. Yours has such a great kick and crunch to it. Only wish it was easier to get hold of. We spend alot of time in Devon and pick some up when there and at any farmers market.
I've just found your products in our local Country Larder and bought the Chilli Chocolate. Wow! Absolutely, completely gorgeous --- I only usually have a little nibble on a square or two of choc every few days but I have to come clean, your scumptious bag of pure delight didn't make it one hour! Yum, yum, yum!
...and now I've found your website, yippee!!! Bring on the Padron Pepper Season, I can't wait to start making Tapas with those beauties!
Keep up the fabulous work guys! x.
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