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Chilli Grinder



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Stainless steel chilli grinder in the shape of a chilli. The stainless steel cutting blades make easy work of chillies. There is a cap on the base to prevent ground chilli being spilt from the grinder when not in use. 

These grinders are specially designed to cut chillies and had a great review from Masterchef's John Torrode (Daily Mail Weekend Magazine, 15th Oct 2011): "This is a really brilliant gadget for someone who loves to add chilli to everything but knows the horror of getting chilli in the eyes and other unmentionable places. ....."

We have Birds Eye chillies available which are the perfect size to fit into the grinder.

H 20cm, W 4.5cm, Weight 234g.

Chillies not supplied. 

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Love this, looks great on the table and grinds the chills and seeds nice and fine so you can use as a seasoning like salt, this help as I like a little more chilli than my son so I can make dishes on the milder side and add a little from the grinder for me, fab for chips and to spice up mayo
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