Chilli growing kit - "One-Pot"

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Chilli Growing Kit 'All-In-One'



The All-In-One Growing Kit

NEW in 2016 - This kit is a new and improved version of our original, best-selling and high star-rating "one-pot kit" - it has been revamped with our new funky graphics, new compost and feed and a lower price!   

All you need to grow your own chilli house plant - just add water and sunshine.

This easy-to-use kit will guide you from seed to mature fruiting plant with no pricking-out or transplanting and the chillies can then be used in your hot food recipes.


The kit contains:

- 1Ltr plastic pot 
- 1Ltr coir compost  (100% peat-free) + slow-release plant food
- 5 Apache chilli seeds (or Thai Hot seeds)
- Clear plastic propagator lid
- Plant label
- Full Instructions

Gift box size: w:14cm, d:14cm, h:12cm, weight 340g

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Mine hasn’t worked unfortunately so I have ordered the other chilli kit. Fingers crossed I have more luck with that one. Not sure what I done wrong.
Great fun and excellent value - planted five seeds and all five have sprouted and are thriving . Great for people with no garden or greenhouse . Looking forward to the harvest in five months time
Arrived on time. Planted the seeds in July and by late autumn lots of chillis had matured. Spicy flavour, the chillis grow to about an inch in size.
I’m going to be honest, I thought this wouldn’t work. After two weeks I was sure they weren’t going to grow but the day I went to throw them out they are sprouting heads not too smaller than that shown in the picture. It’s been 16 days since I planted them and they’re looking great!! I grow them in my university dorm room which doesn’t get loads of sunlight yet they are still growing great! Can’t wait to eat them! So cheap too! Some of these kits are £20-£50 but this is works better for a fraction of the price. Great gift too as the packaging is adorable.
Sowed them in February on a warm window sill - all 5 seeds germinated and are now healthy plants, just been planted out into growbags in a small greenhouse, and continue to thrive.

Update September :the plants grew into big healthy plants and produced (in fact are still producing) a huge amount of small red chillies that are really quite fiery. So many that I've taken to freezing them.
It’s a good product, however, I bought two starter sets and one of the sets none of the seeds germinated. The other one only 4 of 5 seeds were successful. Both kept in the same place and potted the same day. A little upsetting but worth a go.
Dear Chilli Farm

I have an Apache chilli which has been covered in fruit for weeks and weeks now. I have all I could ever want to use in my freezer and have unloaded on all interested friends. It is still fruiting but I would really like to know how to close it down over the winter and set it up for next season..
Hello, Thankyou for replying so quickly. The automated reply with FAQ helped me and the extra info you sent me filled in the gaps, Thanks .
Think I'll be separating chillis rather then one big plant as I have a couple of people wanting to adopt the seedlings.
I'm 39 yrs old and have an abysmal history in growing anything and everything. These little plants look so healthy and the potting procedure and growing experience had been so easy and such a joy. I'm hoping it isn't the start of the end for my little green babies.
I was given the kit as Christmas gift from my Mam, as I love chilli in all its different forms. She has just told me that she bought the kit from fenwicks in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Christmas novelty gift dept.

Thanks again

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