Chilli Oil and Vinegar kit

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Chilli Oil and Vinegar DIY kit - 2 bottles, 2 pourers plus SDCF dried chillies.



Heat of Product : Hot

New Look for Autumn 2016 

For this gift, we've chosen a mix of chillies (grown and dried on the farm) that are ideal for making chilli oil and chilli vinegar. These two attractive, 250ml bottles have a stopper, pourer and are part-filled with dried Aji Limon and Ring of Fire chillies. Just add the oil and vinegar of your choice and leave to steep for 3 or four weeks. 

2 x 250ml oil/vinegar bottles

2 x oil pourer

Dried chillies in each bottle

Oil and vinegar not supplied.

In stock


Good quality bottles and chillies look inviting. Bought as a birthday present and well received - exciting and something to look forward to!!! Could buy other chillies and experiment for the next batch. Endless possibilities!
We visited you a while ago and bought many chilli items one of which was a chilli oil & vinegar pourer with dried chilies inside all we had to do was add the rape seed oil. Well we left it for three weeks and we must say its the best chili oil we have had. Please can you tell me if you sell the same packs of the dried chilies so we can continue to make this chilies oil. Thanks Rob
Very pleased with these! I used one with a good olive oil, and the other with a wine vinegar. Only took a few days for the vinegar to pick up a nice warmth; about a week with the oil. The chillies look great - some red, some yellow. Nice heat, nice look, nice! The flaps on the pourers work well too.
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