Bhut Jolokia chilli gift set

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Extreme Chilli Gift Selection



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

This Extreme Chilli Gift selection will blow your mind!

Contains 1 x Extreme chilli sauce in a gift box, 1 x packet of Dried Bhut Jolokia (SDCF chillies), and 1 x jar of Extreme Mash (chilli paste).

Presented in our SDCF gift bag.


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Well done ... Good to see such respect for India products overseas ! Bhut Jolokia / Naga Chilli/ King Chilli is one helluva hot devil ! I have tried it and have been eating it since years .... As a indian i would recommend Bhut Jolokia to people with a brave heart .. .. -Thanks Pravin - India - New Delhi --- Let me know if somebody wants to know the recipe !
Fantastic product! If you think you can handle your heat, try this bad boy! Guaranteed to blow your head off!
Hi do not think any think less then HOT. Ok think Real HOT :-D I:m more in to the Sauce then the Mash.. It is a realy great kit.
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