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Extreme Chilli Sauce Gift Box



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

Our Extreme Chilli Sauce in a smart gift pack printed with fascinating facts about the mighty Bhut Jolokia chilli, also known as the Ghost or Naga chilli.

This is an award-winning, extremely hot sauce - a little goes a long way!

A perfect gift for anyone with a passion for spicy hot food. 

Winner of Gold (one-star) Great Taste Award 2010.




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Superb sauce. Great flavour & heat. Absolutely first class service, ordered it & was delivered 2 days later. Looking forward to ordering again. Thanks
A lovely smokey sauce and an EXCELLENT and extremely fast service.

what a fast and brilliant service. just tried the the chilli sauce. it is like eating molten lava.
will definately recommend you to friends
Hello you Chilli People.

Thank you so much for the excellent service in fulfillment of my on line order, especially with weather conditions as they are. For a first time customer, I was very impressed, and can now re-kindle my desire for an extremely hot curry! Yes I have had the Bhut Jolokia from you before, via a friend who deals with you.

You have a friend for life!

Many thanks and kind regards
Your service is professional, quick and top quality. If I were to rate you as heat in a chilli sauce I'd have to label you Bhut hot for all 3. True experts - Thank you for your efforts and great work.
stumbled on farm when in devon last week,nice people and great products,the bhut joloka sauce was b***dy hot enough for me and the chilli chocolates are to die for ,will be buying more by mail order
buht jolokia sauce and mash is a must for every chilli loving person, if you like curry make a vindaloo then add some mash to the pan .ouch....
I recently purchased a bottle of your Bhut Jolokia chilli sauce and have finished half the bottle already. The fruity taste is fantastic and blows the pants off that well known inferior tabasco brand. However, I hate to say that the heat is somewhat mild in comparison to my expectation, especially considering the "enough for a lifetime" statement. A single taste did blow my brothers heads off, but I must say I'm not quite feeling it. Do you have anything hotter? I am always up for a challenge!
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