How to be a chilli head book

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How to be a Chilli Head Book



Packed with features, facts, trivia and fun, "How to Be a Chilli Head" is the perfect gift for the chilli obsessive in your life. 

This sizzling-hot book is your essential guide to the chilli world, with inside information on where to find the tastiest varieties, where to eat the best chilli-packed street food, and the race to produce the hottest chilli ever known.

Find out the secrets of chilli science – why a slug of water won’t help when your mouth’s on fire, what effect eating a super-hot chilli has on your body, and how do you measure how hot a chilli is? There’s a delicious selection of chilli recipes and "The shocking Truth about Chilli-con-carne". Teach yourself to be a chilli connosseur, a chilli eating champion, a chilli reviewer & lots more..


Andy Lynes edited the Metro newspaper’s Good Taste food and drink pages. He also writes for the Independent on Sunday & The Times.

Size: 20.5cm x 13.5cm, 127 pages, hardback.




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