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Super Sauce Gift Pack



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

All three of our 'Super' chilli range, our hottest sauces to date! in a great looking gift pack.

If you  know someone who loves really hot chillies, they'll love these sauces, just tell them to go steady when they try them until they know how much they need to reach the perfect heat! Packaged in pocket-sized bottles as you only need one drop for extreme heat. These extremely hot and fruity sauces are made with just fresh chillies (grown here on the farm), spirit vinegar and salt (no artificial additives or extracts).

Ghost Sauce - We think you'll find it Scarily Hot! Made with Ghost chillies measured at just over 1 million on the Scoville Heat Unit scale.

Scorpion Sauce - Like its namesake this sauce will Sting you!  Made with Scorpion chillies measured at just over 1.4 million on the Scoville Heat Unit scale.

Reaper Sauce - Delivers a Deadly Heat, and great fruity flavour! Made with Reaper chillies measured at just over 2 million on the Scoville Heat Unit scale.

Ingredients: Fresh Ghost/Scorpion/Reaper chillies (60%), spirit vinegar, salt.

Container: 3x50ml glass bottles with tamper-evident seals.

Gift pack size: 12cm wide, 15cm high, 4cm deep.


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I have just received my order of your 3 Hottest Sauces (Reaper, Ghost & Scorpion).

Naturally I went straight for the Reaper Sauce and ate a considerable amount with some plain grilled chicken.

I wanted to email yourselves and say that your sauce is most definitely lethal and worthy of being an extra hot sauce!

For too long I have tried many “hot” and “extra hot” and even “extra extra hot” sauces that have always been a disappointment.

Having eaten Reaper Chilli’s whole - I was delighted to find them in a Sauce form.

Your 3 sauces are most definitely outstanding, high quality sauces that put all other sauces on the market to shame.

I will very much be a loyal customer to yourselves from now on and I look forward to enjoying many meals with your sauces.

Just wanted to provide some honest feedback
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