Chilli Focus plant food

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Chilli Focus Plant Food



Chilli Focus is an ideal feeding programme for chillies. It can help produce healthier, more vigorous plants and promotes fruiting.

Feeding chillis: Mix up the Chilli Focus at the rates recommended on the bottle. Plants can be fed from the seedling stage onwards. The recommendation is to feed weekly but this can be increased as needed. As long as foliage is dark green then feeding is adequate but if it becomes pale then feeding can be increased.

Increase the frequency of feeding rather than feed strength. Plants can be fed up to three or four times per week without problems.

A 100ml bottle should feed 1 x 13cm pot plant for 1 season.

Chilli varieties with large fruits, such as Padron and Jalapeno may require more frequent feeding.

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I have been feeding all of my chillis and sweet peppers with this and they are all doing great. This is now a permanent fixture in my growing arsenal. Thanks SDCF.
This seems to be pretty good stuff; we used it for about 6 varieties of chilli grown from seed last year and nearly all of our plants grew very vigorously and gave plenty of fruits. The only exception was the Tabasco seeds (not purchased from SDCF!), which I later found are quite hard to grow anyway. As we gave it to all of our plants, I can't really compare the effects with plants we did not feed, which is why I rate as 'very good' and not 'excellent'. Got to be worth a try at a couple of quid!
Just ordered another 3 bottles, really good stuff, within a week of feeding as per the easy bottle instructions BIG improvement to all my plants. It's like steroids for chilli. Healthy looking plants with plenty of fruits.
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