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Chilli Growing Kit - Chilli Selection - 4 Varieties



Heat of Product : Mild to Very Hot

This Chilli Selection Growing Kit has everything you need to start growing four of our favourite chilli varieties, on a windowsill or in a greenhouse.  The kit includes 5 seeds of each variety; the chilli varieties range from mild to very hot.

Depending on stock, typical seed varieties it might include are: Apache, Jalapeno, Habanero, Razzamatazz, Serrano, Big Bomb, Pepperoncini -  this may vary from the description on the side of the box.

note: the kits currently contain: Jalapeno, Apache, Razzamatazz & Habanero (December 2020)

Chillies are very rewarding plants to grow - they look great and can produce large crops. This kit contains all you need to grow your own chillies from seed in a snazzy gift box. The kit contains:

  • 1 x Propagator with lid (holds 8 compost plugs)
  • 8 x coir compost plugs (peat-free)
  • 4 x  plant labels
  • 1 x marker pencil
  • 1 x full instructions on the box
  • 4 x varieties of chilli seeds (5 seeds of each variety: 20 seeds in total - sent in silver foil pouches with the chilli variety printed on each)
  • Once your seeds have germinated and grown into healthy seedlings with 2 or 3 sets of leaves, they can be easily potted on by placing the whole plug into a 1 litre pot containg some free draining potting-on compost such as a John Innes No. 2 formula, or coir compost. Pots and compost are available on our website.

The propagator in the kit is designed to take 8 Coir compost plugs (peat-free); once the seedlings are potted on, you can purchase more compost plugs and re-use the propagator.

Click on the images for a picture of the kit contents and an example of a chilli seedling growing away.

Apart from the pencil and the plant markers, all the components of this kit are available separately. Chilli seed germination and plant growth needs a temperature of at least 20c. To increase the speed of germination and the growth-rate of seedlings during the colder months, place the propagator on a heat source such as a radiator, a warming mat or a thermostatic heating mat.

For instructions on re-hydrating and sowing seeds into plugs in our propagators, see our separate "growing kit instructions"

Box size: w:11cm, h:19cm, d:7cm

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The compost plugs are amazingly easy to use - just pop them into the perfectly sized spaces in the propagator, water them, and they swell up immensely ready for the seeds.
Edit: Just wanted to update my review a year on. The chilli plants all grew beautifully and supplied us with bags and bags full of chillis. We have loads stored in the freezer still, as well as having supplied friends and family all last year. These proved to be excellent quality plants and we've bought this kit for others as a present based on our experience.
Thank you for providing such a speedy delivery with my chilli growing kit. I placed an order on Sunday evening & received it on Tuesday morning.....Couldn't ask for more really = )
The kit has all the goodies I need to get going! In the past I have grown Jalapenos & Ceyennes on a more ammature level, using regular compost & tomato feed etc. But this time round I have been more adventurous & gone for four varieties, Tepin, Aji Limon, Senor Serrano & thought I'd best get some proper kit!

Thanks again
Ordered this Tuesday, received at my place of work on Thursday - excellent. Will be placing another order shortly. I bought your chilli growing kit last year at the Cheltenham Food Festival in June and it was very successful. I did not see your name on the list of exhibitors however for this June which is why I contacted the website. Hope you are there.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my package.. I opened the front door this morning to find a large box in my porch, for which I am so very grateful to you as I made the purchase on behalf of my daughter for Fathers Day. This is the second time I have purchased goods from you and the service has been excellent.

My partner Carl was so pleased and was overwhelmed (chuffed to pieces) with his chilli growing kit, he is like a little kid in a chocolate factory ! As for the hottest sauce ever, yes you are indeed correct, he burned his whole mouth, trying to prove you wrong !!! ha ha.

Thank you very kindly. I will most certainly recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.
Enjoy your weekend.

Yesterday we picked and consumed our first Hungarian Hot Wax of the season! The Jalapenos not far behind but it looks like we'll have to be patient for the Twilights. Thoroughly enjoying growing our own chillis, half the plants are in the office so are getting plenty of attention. Keep the sunshine coming :-)

Paul and Barry (not the chuckle brothers)
I love this chilli growing kit and would highly recommend it - I am hooked and have even started growing cherry tomatoes now - thanks chilli farm!
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