Coir jiffy plant plugs

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Coir Compost Plugs (peat-free)



20 Jiffy-7 Coir compost plugs - 33mm (expanding to 35mm x 38mm), peat-free

Just add warm water (about 40ml per pellet) and watch them grow! They rehydrate instantly and expand to about 38mm high by 35mm wide; the perfect home for a single chilli seed. These dry pellets are the right size to fit our propagator and growing kit.

For instructions on re-hydrating and sowing seeds into plugs in our propagators, see our "growing kit instructions"

No need for pricking-out; just transplant the entire pellet when potting-on.

Coir is a byproduct of the coconut industry.

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Easy to use and good quality. They hydrate within 1min and are then ready to use.
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