Propagator for jiffy plugs

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This propagator is designed to take 8 Coir compost plugs.

Add 300ml of warm water to rehydrate 8 coir plugs. Place one or two seeds into each plug and close the compost over them to cover. 

Once the seedlings are big enough to pot-on, simply refill with new coir plugs and get another batch going.

Once the seedlings have germinated, it is best to move the propagator to a sunny spot and remove the lid on hot days.

For more instructions on re-hydrating and sowing seeds into plugs in our propagators, see our "growing kit instructions"

See the attached images to see the propagator in use.

Size: Base: 19cm x 11cm, Height assembled: 10.5cm

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Bought this on sunday arrived tuesday, very happy with quality.
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