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Stunning Six Seedlings (SOLD OUT FOR 2019)



Heat of Product : Hot

Unfortunately the "Stunning Six" set is sold out but you can order some of the individual varieties as part of our 3 + 3 seedling set or as a pot plant.

Six stunning varieties for the windowsill and kitchen:

  1. - Chilly Chilli  (0-1,000 SHU. A riot of bright orange and red clusters of heatless fruits maturing to 6cm long.)
  2. - Thai Hot (50,000-100,000 SHU. Extremely hot variety originally from Thailand with green fruits ripening to red, widely used in oriental dishes.)
  3. - Razzamataz (20,000 SHU.  A very attractive chilli plant that produces an abundance of chillies - ideal as a pot plant for indoors.)
  4. - Biquinho Red (1,000 SHU. Biquinho is Portuguese for little beak and the chillies on this plant can be said to resemble small bird beaks.)
  5. - Demon Red (50,000 SHU. A small hot chilli plant that has been bred for growing in containers,  indoors or outdoors, on the windowsill or patio.)
  6. - Peruvian Purple (50,000-60,000 SHU. This is a very attractive chilli plant that produces an abundance of chillies with purple leaves and fruit.)

SHU = Scoville Heat Units

Play the video link below to see the typical size of seedlings, the packaging and what to do when your seedlings arrive in the post.

All of these chillies are perfect for a windowsill with small hot chillies which look attractive and are great for cooking with.

See also our Seedling Potting On Set (compost and pots).

We provide information about different chilli varieties in several places on our website including our Chilli Seeds section, our 'Which Chilli Plant?' guide and our Chilli Plant Descriptions page.

Please note that we only ship seedlings from Monday to Wednesday to avoid the risk of them spending a weekend in the sorting office. Please let us know if you have any special delivery instructions on the Checkout page.

See our  Video   about Chilli Seedlings by Post. You can also download the instructions that the seedlings are shipped with here.

We sell a potting-on set (see option below) consisting of 6 pouches of compost and 6 pots. If you select this option, the kit will be sent with the seedlings.

PLEASE NOTE: UK ONLY - we only ship this item within the UK.


Out of stock


Plants arrived in superquick time and well-packaged, with good instructions. Immediately opening and repotted as per directions, they are now growing daily and will shortly need repotting again. Flawless, beautiful plants, the smaller (compact) three are now showing first flowers, the larger speckled three are putting on daily growth. I keep them on a sunny windowsill in a double tray on top of a tea towel to ensure the earth is kept warm, and move them into direct sunlight at every opportunity. Fed with chilli focus once a week (until flowering / fruiting) and sprayed periodically, these plants seem to be low maintenance and fantastic quality, and I can't wait to see them develop so I can start harvesting. I would highly recommend this pack / mixture to any first time window-sill gardener, and South Devon Chilli Farm have been an ideal and honest supplier. So happy!
All six of these little beauties were very healthy with gorgeous colouring! I had to email SDCF because I received a different selection of six to what's listed here, but they quickly responded letting me know this was because the ones I should have received were too large to place in the plastic containers. I don't mind, they're all beautiful, and I'm looking forward to these plants to produce stunning fruits!
Excellent service.Plants arrived in perfect condition.All potted now.Looking forward to some nice chilli dishes.
Thx Barry Woods
My seedlings arrive promptly, they were extremely well packaged and the plugs were still very moist. The seedlings were in tip top condition and it was very easy to identify them. I've put them into 10cm pots as advised by the video and I am looking forward to bountiful crops later in the year. Well done SDCF thoroughly impressed 5 stars *****
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