Chilli Jam

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Chilli Jam (250g)



Heat of Product : Mild to Medium

Chilli Jam is our best seller – probably due to its versatility: great with cheese, cold and hot meats, eggs, fish and seafood…

Try Chilli Jam with scones and cream cheese for a savoury cream tea, delicious!

It's also great for making super-quick Canapes, add a dash to a cracker with a slice of brie or goats cheese - in fact, we can't think of a cheese that it doesn't go with!!

Customer suggested uses: chilli jam with squid, chilli jam in porridge, chilli jam on do you eat yours? please leave a review and let us know

Ingredients: Sweet red peppers, red onions, sugar, lemon juice, fresh chillies.

No artificial ingredients.

Now in round jar with an extra 27g 

10% discount on 6 jar pack.



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Received this Chilli Jam as a gift, which unfortunately sat in our fridge until one desperate night when we had no chilli powder to hand for our chilli con carne. Now jar is empty, chilli con carne considered best house dish and we’re needing it in bulk! We love it! Best gift ever!
We received a pot of this jam in a gorgeous hamper for Christmas. This jam is honestly the best tasting chilli jam we have ever had (I think the use of red peppers really creates a perfect balance) It is just the right amount of heat to enjoy any time of day. Try this on hot crumpets with a slice of brie - delicious! I have just ordered 3 more pots as our one Christmas pot is nearly gone! We love this jam!
Have to eat this with cheese and biscuits...absolutely delicious ❤️
I LOVE the SDCF Chilli Jam... Every Christmas we bulk buy. This year, I picked up the hot Chilli Jam and it's amazing! The best! It's not overpowering in heat but very warming. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Chilli Jam from SDCF.
Simply delicious. Easily the best tasting chilli jam I have ever had. I would like more heat but I believe they have a hotter version which I will be getting next time. So much flavour!
I am obsessed with this chilli jam and eat it with everything! My husband still hasn’t tried it yet as I eat it so quick so I have ordered a large pot for Christmas!
Delucious. I’m going to try the hot one next.
Great in tomato pasta sauces as it sweetens and makes the sauce spicey. Great with prawns!8
I was disappointed in your chilli jam, expensive and not tasty enough. The main ingredient according to the jar being sugar and only 1percent chilli.85563
Amazing stuff. I do my own halloumi and mushroom burgers and add this just as they do at a fast food resturaunt beginning with N. Going to order more.
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