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Hot Apple Chilli Jelly (250g)



Heat of Product : Hot

Our Chilli Jelly is made from just Bramley apples, sugar, and fresh chillies.

Chilli Jelly is excellent with all cheeses and meats. Try it instead of apple sauce, with roast pork, or in a tuna sandwich!

It can also be used with desserts such as cheesecake and pancakes. Try mixing a teaspoonful into some peanut butter!

Ingredients: Apples, sugar, fresh chillies.

Glass jar with tamper-evident lid.




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The best chilli product I have tasted, the addition of apple just gives a delicious twist to the flavour.
The balance is perfect.
Chilli Jellies!!!
I absolutely hate apple sauce, cranberyy etc and until I discovered your products I only ever enhanced my roasts with either mustard or horeseradish. But no more!
The apple and chilli jelly is a staple in our house - cold roast port sarnies are nothing without it and as for cheese on toast...
i also adore the elderberry chilli jelly and was most put out when you didn't get enough elderberries to make any a couple of years ago. It is fabulous with roast beef and I always put a big slug into beef or venison casseroles.
Try this with houmous and falafel on pitta bread. Amazing combination!!
Dear South Devon Chilli Farm,

I don't usually, and in fact, have never, written to a company to tell them how much I love their products before, but I felt compelled to do so this evening.

I have just had your Chilli Apple Jelly on my pancakes and I think it is the best flavour I have ever tasted!

Thank you! It's great to have something so wonderful being grown so close (or the next county at least).

Kind regards, a satisfied,

Holly from Somerset.
I'm not normally one for reviews, but I have to say your apple & chilli concoction is amazing! What a masterful combination. For the first time in my life I've started buying Stilton regularly just so I can eat it with this jelly. I'm looking forward to finding new places to use it and wowing dinner guests :)
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