Cool Jalapeno Salsa

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Cool Jalapeno Salsa (240g)



Heat of Product : Mild

New for 2017! Our Cool  Jalapeno salsa - so mild you can scoop up lots with each chip you dip!  Just the right amount of heat to enjoy the whole jar in one go.

As well as using as a dip, why not try as a pasta sauce, a pizza topping, with cheese and crackers or with eggs.

How about making your own Nachos - add a little salsa to a pile of tortilla chips on a grill pan or shallow oven proof dish, top with grated cheese and pop under the grill until the cheese melts - yum!

Ingredients: Chopped tomato, sweet red peppers, onion, garlic, white-wine vinegar, sugar, fresh Jalapeno chillies and a pinch of salt.

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Our first impression of the salsa was that it is a perfect consistency, not watery like many supermarket offerings. It has a lovely dark colour and smells delicious. The first taste is quite sweet, very pleasant, this quickly gives way to a soft chilli and tomato flavour. The chilli flavour is very present without being too spicy, meaning eating the whole jar in one sitting was all too easy! We will definitely be picking up more on our next visit, this is a perfect dip for enjoying in the sunshine!
The Mansfield family, south devon chilli farm "cool (halapeno) salsa" review
We all love it !! best salsa Ever !!!

kyle age 15
the salsa was very flavourfull and it has got enough spice just to make it nice. And is dairy free.
connor age 12
It felt as if i had a genuine chilli farm inside my mouth as soon as i tasted the salsa
Andrew junior age 7
Absolutly spicy and yummy
sophie age 5
a little bit spicy and yummy
Claire age not permitted to mention
absolutly delicious, loveley flavour and texture. spice level was just right for the whole family.
Andy age 44
the texture and flavour is perfect. this will be the perfect accomonyment to meat and fish. cheese crackes and natchoes, lets face it everything !!!!
there is the perfect amount of spice for the beginer, as an introduction to the wold of spice,
if someone was curios about salsa but never tried it before, this would be the perfect product.
we love chilli sauses in our house. and this will be on our shoppng list for when we visit.
we will be buying in bulk
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