Chipotle Salsa

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Smoky Chipotle Salsa (240g)



Heat of Product : Medium

Ideal for corn-chip or potato-crisp dipping, this is our Chipotle salsa - milder than the Habanero salsa and with the distinctive flavour of Chipotles (oak-smoked Jalapeno chillies). Our salsas are also great in wraps or as a burger relish. Try using it as a ready-made pasta sauce!

Ingredients: Chopped tomato, sweet peppers, onion, garlic, white-wine vinegar, sugar, fresh chillies, dried and smoked Jalapenos (Chipotle), salt

Glass jar.


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This is amazing. Looking forward to it being back in stock.
One of the best tasting salsas I have eaten anywhere including whilst living in the USA, will definitely re-order
Wow, the flavour of this Salsa is so rich. Smokey tomato, then the hint of chilli at the end. Finished our first jar with some nachos then went back for more.
Fantastic flavour it starts with tomato changes to smokey BBQ and ends with chilli.
I'm addicted to this stuff. It's probably the best salsa I've tried.
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