Bhut Jolokia sauce

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Extreme Chilli Sauce (100ml)



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

Extremely Hot Chilli Sauce made with fresh and dried Bhut Jolokia chillies for a longer and more immediate heat sensation!

Previously known as "Extreme Bhut Jolokia Sauce" - New abbreviated name - same great chilli sauce!  

This very very hot and fruity chilli sauce is made with Bhut Jolokia chillies (aka. Ghost or Naga) which have been recorded at over 1 million Scoville Heat Units.  There is no chilli extract in this product - it is just Bhut Jolokia chillies, red peppers, spirit vinegar and a little salt. The combination of chillies and peppers create a great tasting sauce with a powerful punch of heat.

A few drops go a long way, and one bottle lasts a long time. Add a couple of drops to a chilli or curry for a great shot of heat; if you like things even hotter, add a few drops to any plate of food at the table! 

Winner of Gold (one-star) Great Taste Award 2010.



Heat Rating: 10/10 (300,000-500,000 Scoville Heat Units)

Ingredients: Dried Bhut Jolokia chillies (imported - 8%, equiv.50% once rehydrated), fresh Bhut Jolokia chillies (2%) red peppers (40%), spirit vinegar, salt.

Container: 100ml glass bottle with tamper-evident seal.



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Really excited visiting the farm while in the south hams, got loads of chilli stuff, chocs, sauces, beer, plants and tshirt, great cafe menu. Trying the extreme sauce, great fruity flavour with a slow building rumbling heat, no burning sensation at all, but alas still not extreme enough for me, two teaspoons on a veggie burger does give it that nice kick though. Recommend it to anyone wanting to build chilli resistance.
That Bhut Jolokia sauce, right? It's hot, okay? Sometimes it even makes my stomach makes noises like an approaching storm . But it's the flavour that keeps the bottle near the table. It's a savoury, lightly smoky aroma and taste, dense and very exciting to the chilli lover. Plus all those endorphines, of course. Sends me a bit la-la, b(h)ut I love it
buht jolokia sauce and mash is a must for every chilli loving person, if you like curry make a vindaloo then add some mash to the pan .ouch....
stumbled on farm when in devon last week,nice people and great products,the bhut joloka sauce was b***dy hot enough for me and the chilli chocolates are to die for ,will be buying more by mail order
Your service is professional, quick and top quality. If I were to rate you as heat in a chilli sauce I'd have to label you Bhut hot for all 3. True experts - Thank you for your efforts and great work.
Hello you Chilli People.

Thank you so much for the excellent service in fulfillment of my on line order, especially with weather conditions as they are. For a first time customer, I was very impressed, and can now re-kindle my desire for an extremely hot curry! Yes I have had the Bhut Jolokia from you before, via a friend who deals with you.

You have a friend for life!

Many thanks and kind regards
bought this recently, lovely taste but i agree its not that hot have tried the mash aswell again lovely but missing that extra kick,even though, i have still recommended it to my chilli head friends. very nice sauce thanks sdcf!
what a fast and brilliant service. just tried the the chilli sauce. it is like eating molten lava.
will definately recommend you to friends
A lovely smokey sauce and an EXCELLENT and extremely fast service.
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