Cherry Bomb Suace

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Cherry Bomb Sauce (100ml)



Heat of Product : Medium

An explosion of Flavour! 

The fuse was lit on this sauce about 5 years ago, when we set ourselves the goal of creating a medium heat sauce with bags of flavour that we could splash all over everything.

We grow so many amazing chillies in the medium heat range which we sell during the fresh season, chillies with fantastic flavour dimensions, and we wanted to capture some of that in a bottle, to be enjoyed year round.

We decided on the Cherry Bomb chilli for our super versatile sauce because it is the complete package – the Cherry Bomb chilli gets its name from its shape and colour as it hangs like little red bombs from the bush, but we thought it was perfect for the bottle of sauce too – a colourful explosion of fruity flavour with a tingle of heat!

Heat Rating: 3/10

Ingredients: Fresh Cherry Bomb chillies from our farm (60%), spirit vinegar, a pinch of salt.

Container: 100ml Glass bottle with tamper-evident seal


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Sadly no flavour whatsoever, just weak, vinegar tang. Was looking for an everyday chilli sauce, this is not it. Not worth the 4.50 I paid for it.
This is the best chilli sauce if you love chillies but don’t want anything too hot. You can use this sauce liberally on most dishes and it adds a perfect zing....when we get to opening the last bottle we instantly order another 6 pack.
This is a fantastic sauce really tasty very little heat.
Extremely tasty, been through half the bottle in two days !!

I would recommend, I should have ordered the 6 pack !!!
I was recently lucky enough to receive a bottle of Cherry Bomb Sauce from the kind people at South Devon Chilli Farm. I'm a bit of a chilli nut, so I was really looking forward to trying this out.

Some chilli sauces hit you over the head, repeatedly, with a baseball bat and then kick and trample you as you try to stagger upright. Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy that when I'm in the mood - but sometimes you want to enhance the flavour of your food rather than bury it.

Cherry Bomb Sauce does this very well. It has a bite, a sparkle, a tantalising tease of the taste-buds, but the explosions are bright and flavoursome rather than radioactively aggressive. I tend to put chilli sauce on practically everything, and this is a great sauce to use with more subtle flavour combinations: lovely with cheese and eggs, soups and vegetable stir-fry for example.

I know there are some weird people out there who do not like to set their tongues aflame. Cherry Bomb Sauce is ideal for those starting out on a lifetime of chilli exploration - strong enough to get those endorphins coursing, but not overpowering enough to get your taste-buds suing you for
physical abuse. Lovely stuff, will not last long in my larder!

Kind Regards, Tim.
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