Chipotle sauce

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Smoky Chipotle Sauce (140ml)



Heat of Product : Medium

Chipotle is Mexican for smoked chilli and this medium-hot, traditional Mexican sauce is made with our oak-smoked Jalapenos. 

It is delicious with eggs, sausage and mash, stews and con-carnes or in tortilla wraps with chicken or beef.  

You can also make a snacking dip by adding a little chipotle sauce to sour cream or mayonnaise. 


Winner of a Gold Taste of the West Award 2007.




Heat Rating: 3/10 (1,000-1,500 Scoville Heat Units)

Ingredients: Onion, sugar, garlic, cider vinegar, smoked Jalapeno (Chipotle) chillies, dried New Mexico chillies  .

Container: Glass bottle with tamper-evident seal.


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Such a useful addition to so many dishes. I batch-cook chilli chicken and beans for the freezer and this lovely smokey sauce adds a delicious depth of flavour. Great for sprinkling on pizzas, or mixed with mayo for a dip. I have tried a lot of chilli sauces over the years but this one is by far the best.
This is a must have for your kitchen. Such a well developed flavour, not too hot, not too smokey. It captures the flavour of the chipotle superbly, and is a wonderful marinade for all meats. Try marinading over night, and then BBQing. Pure heaven
I LOVE your smokey chiptole chilli sauce - there is nothing else like it on the market. I use it as 'ketchup' on so many dishes. It is so versatile. It is great in sandwiches, on veggie burgers and it is fantastic on smoked mackerel. I always add a dash when I cook baked beans and put it into so many home cooked dishes, eg Mexican mole sauce, patatas bravas (Spanish spicy potatoes). I use many of your other fabulous products too but this sauce takes some beating!
superb sauce... nicely smokey but not overly so, and a medium heat...with a deep fresh sweet taste that lingers on the palate...gorgeous! .good as a marinade, dip etc...very pleased with this ..chipotles rock !
Left a review on the wrong sauce so came to the right one lol

This is a great versatile smokey sauce and the service from you guys is just awesome SO FAST

Keep it up I will be back for more
I am totally addicted to this sauce, so much so that I visited the farm in person to purchase a wholesale tub of it. Delicious flavour with just the right amount of heat for me. Please will you consider selling in larger bottles...140ml just doesn't last long enough!
Whenever I see this at craft fairs or food shows, I HAVE to buy a bottle. Totally delicious, not mouth-scorchingly hot, and perfect for adding bite to chili con carne and on eggs. Love it!
Love the sauce . Tastes great .. Wonderful service provided would recommend anyone to buy This from here
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