Hot Habanero sauce

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Hot Habanero Sauce (100ml)



Heat of Product : Very Hot

Hot Habanero - fruity flavour with a powerful heat. 

It's ideal for adding heat and flavour to spicy dishes, and a few drops go a long way when used as a table condiment. (served at Wahaca Mexican Restaurant, Covent Garden, when you ask for extra heat).

Winner of a Gold Great Taste Award 2005.

Winner of a Gold Taste of The West Award 2007.

Winner of a Gold (one-star) Great Taste Award 2010.


Heat Rating: 8/10 (150,000-200,000 Scoville Heat Units)

Ingredients: Habanero chilli paste (made from dried chillies from our farm) (37%), peppers, spirit vinegar, lemon juice, salt.

Container: 100ml Glass bottle with tamper-evident seal

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My son and his family were on holiday in Devon last year and introduced me to your products.
We used to live in Mexico so "normal" hot sauces are completely tasteless to me.
Many thanks for producing such a lovely range of real hot sauces.
I recently ate at Wahaca and tasted your amazing chilli sauce. I have eaten a lot of Mexican food here in NY and not even the Mexicans can't make chilli sauce like yours! Do you deliver to the US? If not, please could I place an order over the phone using my American credit card and have my order delivered to my parent's house in Canterbury, Kent, England? Your payment forms are set up in a way that does not allow international billing addresses to be entered. Please let me know if this would be possible?

Many Thanks.

I would just like to say thank you, your extra touches were very kind, your company is actually wicked, and my boyfriend and I are happy customers.
Also you should start doing Hot Habanero Sauce in bigger bottles, I would be most happy.
Much Love.

Marie and Darren
You have a very nice, well designed, easy to use and efficient web site. I wish all on-line shops were as good. Oh yes;; your Chilli sauce is fantastic too! I was given some at Christmas and can't live without it now.
Lovely sauce, I polished of a bottle from Wahaca and turned to the source for this one.

It seems like this was not as hot as the Wahaca bottle I had. Was the latest batch a little milder?

Still tastes beautiful, though I'm going through this bottle way faster then the old one!

Much nicer than the Tabasco Habenero, which seems to have a lot of black pepper added to it or something.

*** SDCF Reply. Hi Jay. The Wahaca sauce is the same recipe, but we harvest several tonnes of various varieties of Habanero, so it will vary slightly.
I can’t recommend this sauce highly enough! Admittedly the habanero guards its delicious fruity flavour with a good kick of heat but don’t be put off; it won’t blow your head off! A simply excellent sauce that everyone should try 10/10
The Hot Habanero chilli sauce from South Devon Chilli Farm is quite good. It is a hot sauce, but not unpleasant. You can splash sauce out of the bottle without having an unpleasant experience (not too much splash, unless you love it very hot). The Habanero only burns for one or two minutes at the most. It does not burn the back of the throat like the Bhut Jolokia. The Habanero sauce is mainly about heat, but the taste is much richer and fuller than Tabasco's version of the Habanero sauce. South Devon's is also hotter than Tabasco's version, and I can now see that your version is 10 times hotter.
This sauce is very moorish, but exercise some caution. Probably the best tasting hot sauce I've ever had but I got a little bit carried away in the beginning and ended up suffering a little. Amazing hot and fruity taste tho. Cannot recommend it enough.
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