Aji Limon chilli seeds

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Aji Limon Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Hot

This heavy cropping and easy-to-grow Peruvian variety grows into a large, drooping plant with fruits 6-8cm long that ripen to bright yellow. The fresh fruit has a distinctive citrus flavour.

Due to its drooping nature, this plant is a good choice for a hanging basket and for growing outdoors.

Heat: 40,000 - 60,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Average contents 20 seeds.

Our dried Aji Limon chilli fruits are available dried all year.

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One of my first pods grown from seed and eaten whole on it’s own. A tasty tasty pepper! This is lemony with a kick that turns into a lasting burn on the tongue but it’s enjoyable without being painful. Loads of fruit on the plant as well. Looking forward to more ripening!
My favourite chilli, great germination, great crop and an amazing flavour unlike any other. Perfect to pair with citrus fruits, mango and coconut.
Germinated really well. Struggled to flower at first after hardening off outside end May due to very wet May and June but came into their own in July. Produced a decent crop of ripe fruit by early to September - they are beautiful as they ripen from green to bright yellow. And they taste fantastic.
Really good germination on these. Only 2 from the packet failed to take. First time growing so hope they're tasty.
My favourite chili for recipes where the flavour will not be lost. Similar in flavour to a habañero, aji limon are delicious, fruity, but very citrusy chilis. Shredded with garlic and slipped into a filleted sea bass or chopped roughly and added into a mixed leaf salad. Delicious.
Very good cropping plant that grows quickly to 1.5m and has survived the winter in my conservatory after being lifted from the garden. Mine has just starting to produce new leaves in Feb so looking forward to a summer crop this year. Sowed more seed for a late crop.
I had several of these plants this year as they were so easy to grow. That gave me a huge amount of fruit. I've used them in several dishes and they have a nice flavour with good heat. I'm currently using them to make some Chilli Vodka and Chilli Gin. Also considering trying to brew Chilli beer.
My new favourite chilli. These make a fantastic mango and chilli sauce.
I grew this variety for the first time this year, and what a result! High germination rates (in fact above 90% on all 10 varieties I purchased from South Devon Chili Farm) The Aji Limon produced plenty of fruits that were great in everything I cooked with them. The plants grew quite leggy and some needed support. A definite for my next seed shopping list!
One of my favourite varieties, one of these in a dish for two people is the perfect heat. Plants are tall so you need plenty of space, but they provide a very good crop. I always have a bag in my freezer for use throughout the year.
Grew these for the first time this year. Great plants that germinated well, grew to a good size and produced a really good crop. These chilli's have an amazing flavour- lemon hint as suggested by name, and go really well in foods or chilli sauce. Will be growing again next year!
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