Antillais Habanero chilli seeds

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Antillais Caribbean Habanero Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Very Hot

A large and juicy red Habanero / Scotch Bonnet with extreme heat and fruity flavour. Large (5cm long) fruits turning green to red. Plant grows to 1m high.

Harvest: Pick when the fruits turn red - about 120 days from potting-on.

Heat: 250,000 - 350,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Size: 1m High, fruits 5cm green to red.

Contents: 20 seeds per packet


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Really nice looking plants and very productive. Fast germination rates. Not had a chance to taste the fruits yet but they look great!
I agree with the other reviews, top quality seeds,packaging,instructions and amazing results and abundant crops from these bad boys !!! Phew !
Second year growing chillies and this was one of my favourite varieties, seeds germinated within 5 days and grew into wide bushy plants loaded with decent sized pods. Perfect for making Caribbean type sauces and marinades but have used them in a variety of dishes. The nights are cold where I live even in summer and these coped much better than some other chinense varities, hot chocolate habanero being the most difficult for me (produced a large plant but had undersized and low numbers of peppers by comparison). Fatalii also performed very well for me.
Bought plenty of seeds from the internet, but these guys do it that little bit better. Excellent packaging, swift delivery and the whole set-up just looks quality.

Currently looking forward to blowing my face off with some bhut jolokias in the next month or so. Thanks to these guys, i'm supplying half my friends and neighbours with fresh chillis grown from seed.
Very pleased with the quality of these seeds, 100% germination! They have produced very large and healthy plants which look like they are going to produce heavy crops :)
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