Apache chilli seeds

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Apache F1 hybrid Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Hot

This F1 hybrid is a very fast growing, productive plant. This is an ideal plant for growing indoors, and grows to about 30cm high. The 3cm long fruits ripen to a vivid red.

Harvest: Pick when the fruits turn red - about 100 days from potting-on.

Heat: 70,000 - 80,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Size: 30cm High, fruits 5cm green to red.

Contents: 20 seeds per packet


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Beautiful little plants. 100% germination rate. Extremely productive, these are great in all sorts of dishes. They are tasty green or red.
16th feb Planted 16 plants all germinated. Now about 20cm tall in pots outside, some starting to flower now. Very happy can't wait to use them.
Planted 4 Apache seeds and all germinated. All plants strong and healthy. Looking forward to a good crop in the summer.
I purchased these seeds as well as a few others on 22/02/18 and they were all delivered on 24/02/18. Quick and all in great condition.

I've placed them all in a heated propagator and have had a 100% success rate germinating the Apache seeds after 9 days. I have to say I'm impressed with South Devon Chilli farm and will be buying from them again in future!
Great seeds, geminated well and each plant produced a good number of chillis. Great amount of heat, highly recommended.
These easy to grow seeds produce pretty, low maintenance plants and an abundance of mini but feisty chillies. Mostly grown Indoors on a windowsill many of the plants are still blossoming In late October. An excellent purchase, thanks!
put 20 seeds in a window propagator and now have 20 plants brilliant rate
Excellent fast growing chilli plant producing plenty of fairly hot fruits for cooking or salads. Will be buyiing more of these.
love my plants they are pumping the fruits out happy days..
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