Bhut Jolokia seeds

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Bhut Jolokia Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The first 'Super' chilli!
The Bhut Jolokia (A.k.a. Naga Jolokia or Ghost) was officially measured at over one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in 2006. 
Being three times hotter than an Orange Habanero, our suggestion for cooking with these chillies is to use a small amount, very finely chopped. As a rough guide, try ¼ of a pod per person for a hot dish.

Harvest: Pick when the fruits turn orange/red - about 120 days from potting-on.

Heat: 800,000 - 1,200,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Size: 1m High, fruits 5cm green to orange/red.

Contents: 20 seeds per packet

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Super seeds....
After reading various germination and growing tips on the interweb, I sewed 6 of these little monster seeds (along with 6 Fatalii, 6 Chocolate Habanero and 6 Bolivian Rainbow) in a mix of non-peat compost and about 30% vermiculite ( to retain moisture but without over-wetting the seeds) in a seed tray. About 5mm of mix lightly spread on top.
Covered the whole lot with a loose plastic bag and kept in a warm airing cupboard at a constant 25C. Gently watered the compost every 2/3 day with warm water.

Result... All 6 Bhut Jolokia germinated (in about ten days) All 6 HRainbow Chillis, 5 habanero but only two Fatalii (don't know why though,.) All the seedlings are now getting their 2nd/3rd leaf pairs and doing well in a south facing window.

Well chuffed so far and looking forward to the summer.
Very pleased with the quality of these seeds, 100% germination! They have produced very large and healthy plants which look like they are going to produce heavy crops :)
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