Big Bomb chilli seeds

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Big Bomb Chilli Seeds (F1)



Heat of Product : Medium

An early, bright red ‘cherry-style’ chilli maturing from green to red, 5cm-wide fruits. Thick-walled chilli growing on a medium-sized plant (40cm) - perfect for pickling or stuffing with cheese as an appetizer.

Heat: 2,000 - 4,000 Scoville heat units.

Average contents 20 seeds.


Note: Not suitable for commercial crop production.

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Great chilli very easy to grow , loads of fruit and very tasty. I cooked them stuffed with cheese, pickled them sliced and dries them and there amazing. Don't grow to big and keep producing fruit right through to the end of October ( in the greenhouse with a cheap heater.) Growing again this year
All the seeds I planted grew into good healthy plants. Low maintenance plants which produce a good number of chillis, between 3-8 per plant but in the hands of more experienced growers I'm sure I'd be more. Lovely heat to the fruits, great stuffed with cream cheese.
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