Bulgarian Carrot chilli seeds

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Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Hot

This variety from Bulgaria is well suited to the short UK growing season. It produces a good crop of hot fruits that ripen from green to orange. The fruits grow to 3 - 4 inches long with smooth and glossy skin and are hot with a fruity flavour. The plant grows to 2' high.

Heat: 10,000 Scoville Heat Units

Average contents 20 seeds.


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Very tasty fruits, however, yield is a bit smaller than jalapenos (as comparison). Bulgarian carrot grow rain or shine and can tolerate british weather nicely as these were grown outside in pots without a greenhouse or polytunnel.
Quick delivery. 100% germination.
I began later in the year than I should have, and harvested first green peppers in October.
Since I started late, I decided to keep 3 plants indoors in a cold room at 6-8 degs over winter. All doing well so far. Green ripened to red over Christmas. Very tasty. Quite hot.
Sturdy plants that suit a newbie like me.
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