Cherry Bomb chilli seeds

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Cherry Bomb Chilli Seeds (F1)



Heat of Product : Medium

This is a hugely popular and versatile chilli that is also very easy to grow. The plant produces an abundance of eye-catching bright red fleshy fruits (5cm round) which mature in around 60 days from potting on. They can be stuffed with cheese and baked, or used for cooking and fresh salsa.

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Heat: 6,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Average contents 20 seeds.

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These are always my first seeds to germinate with very high germination rates. The plants do very well in the UK and produce lots of cherry tomato sized chillies. The chillies themselves are thick walled and taste really good. If stuffing I recommend cutting in half and removing the seeds before putting back together as they have LOTS is seeds in them.
Super easy to grow, and provided a bumper crop over summer and autumn last year. Started in doors, then seedlings out in to an unheated (Scottish) greenhouse. I pickled the remainder of the crop as they turn quite quickly after picking. However, pickled cherry bomb stuffed with cream cheese is amazing
Utterly prolific plant.

I don't know if I got lucky with a vigorous seed, but the Cherry Bomb seems to defy physics by growing faster than any of my other chillies, and throwing out dozens of flowers and pods. It's growing alongside a Hungarian Hot Wax, Bulgarian Carrot and Jalapeno M, and it grows a lot faster than any of those. I've only got it in a small 3 litre airpot, but last year it sprawled out and dominated the mini greenhouse I had it in.

It's currently residing under a few T5 HO grow lights, and loving it under there.

The pods have a good heat and are nice stuffed and baked, with the seeds etc. scooped out,and are just the right size for a tasty mouthful.

This one's a keeper.
All the seeds I used germinated and now have 10 plants growing nicely. Excellent.
Fantastic chillies. Easy to grow, 'everyday' heat and a really sweet flavour - made the best sticky chilli jam we've tried. Highly recommended.
Cherry Belle- superb chillies- grown in unheated greenhouse and picked until mid Dec- then stored in chiller box of fridge for several weeks. Made apple and chilli jelly with some- and the seeds kept from 2007 to 2008- not good for you but excellant for me.
I had never grown chillies before so was very chuffed at the above results. They looked like red electric light bulbs in the dark days of early winter.
Great fun and good taste- not too hot.
Outstanding prolific plants, once again 100% germination in the right conditions. Extremely pleased. Have bought seeds from elsewhere but my most healthiest plants have come from SDCF seeds!
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