Fatalli Habanero chilli seeds

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Fatalii Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Very Hot

This Habanero from Africa has bright yellow fruits up to 6cm long and 4cm wide produced on a shrubby bush up to 70cm tall x 70cm wide. The fruits are ready to pick at around 100 days after the seedlings have been potted on, and the plant will continue cropping as long as suitable conditions are maintained. The fruits are very hot - from 100,000 to 300,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Contents: 20 seeds per packet


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These are excellent chillies. Really good heat, good flavour, very easy to grow and a very attractive plant. They go really well chopped up on a pizza.
This variety is brilliant, so fruity with plenty of heat. Seeds produced strong plants (at least 3ft wide) which were full of peppers by late July. I found this variety and antillais caribbean coped with the cold nights and generally poor summer where I live better than other capsicum chinense types. Great for marinades and sauces, will grow every year.
I have always grown lots of chillies but have never found such an awesome one as this! It is really hot but is so delicious and citrusy that it can be used in sauces, dishes and is great in salads. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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