Hungarian Hot Wax chilli seeds

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Hungarian Hot Wax Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Medium

This plant is amazingly prolific and very easy to grow. The crisp, fleshy fruits are up to 11cm in length with a mild heat. The fruits are good for chopping into a stir fry or for frying/grilling whole. The fruits are normally harvested yellow to keep the plant fruiting, but if left on the bush they will ripen to orange. The first crop is ready for picking about 70 days from potting on.

We have found that this plant has a tendency to fruit a little too early, which can stunt its early growth. If this happens, simply pick off the first few fruits to allow the plant to develop a little longer.

Heat: 2000 Scoville Heat Units

Average contents 20 seeds.


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These produce really big mild chillies. I did not get as many chillies from my 4 ft plants as I did from other species of the same size. The seeds themselves germinate well with good germination rates.
Really tasty chilli, great on the barbecue or stuffed. Almost every one of my plants germinated and has borne fruit, but none have been as productive as expected. I'm sure that such a large plant as this needs a good bright summer to be at its best though, and to be fair this year hasn't been the best in that sense. I'm very keen to have another go next year though - the ones I've had have certainly whet my appetite!
Yesterday we picked and consumed our first Hungarian Hot Wax of the season! The Jalapenos not far behind but it looks like we'll have to be patient for the Twilights. Thoroughly enjoying growing our own chillis, half the plants are in the office so are getting plenty of attention. Keep the sunshine coming :-)

Paul and Barry (not the chuckle brothers)
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