5 Fresh, Green Jalapeno chillies

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Jalapeno Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Medium

The Jalapeño (Capsicum Annuum) is probably the mostly widely know chilli variety in the world. The chilli gets its name from the town of Jalapa in the Mexican state of Veracruz.  

The fruits are typically conical, thick-walled and usually they are sold and used when they are green. They usually ripen to red and often develop a distinctive ‘corking’ pattern (light coloured marks) as they reach full size.

Fresh Jalapenos are great in salsas, thinly sliced for nachos or pizza toppings, or pickled to preserve them. When ripe, they are often smoked and dried and are then called Chipotle and used to flavour sauces, soups and stews.

Recipe: Poppers - Slice fruits in half lengthwise, de-seed, fill halves with cream cheese, re-assemble chillies, dip in whisked egg, dip in breadcrumbs. Put in freezer for 2 hours, then deep fry and drain. Serve warm.

The plants are upright, 3 to 4 feet tall with woody stems. The fruits take about 75 days from sowing to harvest with each plant producing 20 to 30 fruits which are typically 6 to 8cm long and 2 to 3cm wide and conical. The plants usually need some support as they start to fruit to avoid branches being broken by the weight of fruit.

The heat level of Jalapenos is around 6000-8000 Scoville Heat Units.

Please note, the variety of Jalapeno seeds we supply may vary and the shape and size of the Jalapenos may not be exactly the same as on the photo or on the packet. 


Average contents: 20 seeds.

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I planted my seedlings towards the end of February, and they're doing amazing! They're so tall now and one of them even needs to be supported already. I'm growing them on a West-facing windowsill and they seem to love it.
Excellent service, and good quality seeds, 2 weeks in and all seeds have germinated.
Really easy to grow in an unheared (Scottish) greenhouse. All seeds germinated and grew well in a variety of pot sizes.

I mades a few jars of cowboy candy with my crop, which is one of the best tasting things i have ever eaten!
I have ordered Jalepeno`s for a few years from south devon chilli farm and have always had a good harvest. You willnot be dissapointed by these!
I ordered the seeds Thursday 29/05 at 8.26am and received these by 10.30 30 Friday. What a wonderful service and will use again.

Extremely, Extremely, Extremely impressed.
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