Joe's Long chilli seeds

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Joe's Long Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Hot

Produces a semi-compact plant around 60cm tall. The fruits are pendant setting, very long (30cm) and wrinkled with a thin fruit wall.

Heat: 20,000 to 30,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Average contents 20 seeds.


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We ordered four different seeds last year and the very best performers were the Joes Longs. Great germination and a huge crop with many over 30cm long. Nice plants to give to friends as not that well known.
This chilli looks stunning and produces a bumper crop. I had several fruits grow to over 7 inches long !!
These work great on pizza! Welcome to the pizza / pasta / salsa chilli! It’s perfect because it’s not too hot!!
Additional comment... Perhaps I gave to much nitrogen and too much water during the growing season, as this chilli was not as hot as expected, or perhaps this plant is related to the 'Large Red Thick Cayenne' known for its milder heat. Indeed, some pods measure 3cm in diameter. Either way, this is an excellent plant of fantastic stature (height approx. 90cm) with beautiful leathery leaves located on the end of long stems which display unusual phototropism, not exhibited by habanero / Scotch bonnet species. If the plant is rotated 180 degrees, it is able to move its leaves relative to the position of the sun, almost like a hand 'waving' on the end of a long arm, most remarkable! This effect is only visible during the vegetative phase, as this ability is lost once initiation of flowering commences. Try this one, its great fun!
If you are looking for a hot chilli, this is not it. Ok for salsa but not hot enough to cook with. Good plant though, with good germination %age.
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