Paper Lantern Habanero chilli seeds

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Paper Lantern Habanero Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Very Hot

Early fruiting and productive red habanero. Elongated, lantern-shaped fruits are 5-7cm long. Tall plants with a colourful display through the summer as the fruits change from lime green through to orange to scarlet red as they ripen.

The fruits are ready to pick at around 90 days after the seedlings have been potted on, and the plant will continue cropping as long as suitable conditions are maintained. The fruits are very hot - up to 350,000 Scoville units.

Contents: 20 seeds per packet


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I bought seeds last year and due to me putting them out too early ended up with stunted plants. However the fantastic summer meant still got lots of slightly smaller fruit off them. I really like the flavour of them, you can taste the flavour before the heat builds which is far better than such as stumpy or thai demon.

I kept 3 plants which are now producing flowers in April 2019. Have bought more seeds this year which have germinated and will see how much bigger they get if I look after them correctly.

Note these take a while to get fruit and ripen, so if you are buying seeds now I would go for Slim Cayenne instead which I found produced earlier last year and still have a good taste, size and heat.
Germinated 6 of these seeds recently, and although starting a bit late in the year, I am hopeful that I might get a decent crop given their strong start. All 6 germinated successfully in less than 5 days using the paper towel method, and despite a couple having minor leaf deformities and growing a little more slowly, all 6 are still going well and have been pricked out successfully.

Very pleased that these are my most successful chillies so far in the current crop, especially given that the habanero family is generally considered to be more demanding with regards to germination and growing conditions.
Excellent service, and good quality seeds, 2 weeks in and nearly all seeds have germinated.
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