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Pimientos de Padron Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Mild

These peppers are traditionally picked immature (usually when about 5cm long) before they have developed any heat. You may have seen the fruits in Spain or in a Spanish Tapas bars; they are usually quickly fried in olive oil and sea salt and served hot. There is a Pimientos de Padrón recipe on this link.

The plants can grow to 2m high and produce a perpetual crop throughout the summer provided you keep picking them. If left to mature, the fruits turn a light red and grow to about 10cm long and 4cm wide at the shoulder.

Heat: very mild if picked early, 3,000 Scoville heat units if left to mature.

Average contents 20 seeds.



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We had great success with these in our greenhouse, plants grew to 2m and provided a long crop, with 100's from a single plant. This year we have started them early with a propagator inside a heated greenhouse on 12 hour controlled lighting. At the moment they are 6 inch tall and growing fast
Planted 2 Padron seeds along with 5 other varieties and sadly neither germinated. I had much better germination rates with other varieties ranging from 50% to 100% with some varieties. Maybe just bad luck, planning on planting a bigger crop next year to increase success rate.
I bought these seeds from South Devon Chilli Farm in January last year and planted all the seeds. Almost all of the seeds germinated and grew into healthy plants. I kept 6 plants for myself and these gave us a steady supply of padron peppers through the summer months. I will be returning to buy more of these seeds at the weekend for this summer.
I bought these last year from SDCF and have to say I was really impressed with them. Every seed germinated and the crop was fantastic, really tasty padrons and lots of them.

Thanks again.

in my window propagator i have only 12 plants out of 20 seeds where as others have been 100% but can not wait to try
This is the first time that I have grown Padron peppers and can't get enough of them! From the pan fried (or done in the oven) tapas as described elsewhere, to using the large hotter ones stuffed with rice and baked (the rice becomes quite fiery). They are also good for general purpose cooking without being too hot. Good croppers in a unheated greenhouse. As an extra bonus, there is an element of Russian Roulette involved as some individual peppers are much hotter than others that look identical - as my family members can testify!
I've often bought bags of padron peppers from my local green grocer, but there's nothing like having them fresh off the bush - they develop a much nuttier flavour when they're fried if they're super fresh. My only mistake was allowing them to get a little too big - they get quite spicy if left to grow too big! My poor guests who don't like hot food have not yet forgiven me!
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