Santa Fe Grande chilli seeds

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Santa Fe Grande Chilli Seeds



Heat of Product : Medium

This is one of our favourite varieties - easy to grow, amazingly productive, early cropping and a well proportioned and attractive bush. The conical-shaped 7cm-long chillies that are normally harvested yellow, but will ripen to red if left on the bush. This plant is very quick to produce full-sized fruit (65 days from potting on) and keeps on fruiting as long as conditions are favourable. The fruits are milder than Jalapenos at around 5000 Scoville units and the flavour is sometimes said to be similar to melon. These thick-fleshed chillies are good for salsa, pizza toppings and make great chilli poppers (stuffed with cheese and grilled or baked).

Heat: 5,000 Scoville heat units.

Average contents 20 seeds.



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got a growin kit form a company promo and it gives you all the instructions and everything you need to get started, this is a great kit and it was my first time but it wont be the last. thanks for the best, fresh chillis iv ever had
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