Reaper Chilli Sauce

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Reaper Chilli Sauce (50ml)



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The Reaper Chilli Sauce is one of our range of Super hot chilli sauces.

This is our hottest sauce to date and contains the sought after Carolina Reaper chillies which hold the record for the hottest chilli in the world! 

This sauce is packaged in a pocket-sized bottle as you only need one drop for Deadly heat!

If you love Hot chillies you'll love this sauce, just go steady when you try it until you know how much you need to reach the perfect heat. 

This extremely hot and fruity sauce is made with just fresh Reaper chillies, spirit vinegar and salt.

The Reaper chilli has been measured at just over 2 million on the Scoville Heat Unit scale!

Heat Rating: 12/10 (700,000 - 1000,000 Scoville Heat Units)

Ingredients: Fresh Reaper chillies: 60%, spirit vinegar, salt.

Container: 50ml glass bottle with tamper-evident seal.

See Customer review below and video reviews on ChilliTube.



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As others have said, a very hot sauce but with plenty of flavour. A few drops of this transforms a bland chilli in a bowl of brow dripping joy! For any beginners to the chilli sauce world, beware the reaper!!
this sauce is definitely the most hot sauce i ever tasted, on top of that - it even have a great taste! just make sure to not apply too much of it, as well as to not drink the coffee before it, if you did drink coffee before it and your body temperature raised by a lot - drink some valerian / chamomile tea & then water with sugar (helped to friend of mine)
Dear South Devon Chilli Farm,

I just wanted to say:


You make me a
A swooner,


With pasta
or Tuna,


I'm never,
A loner!

Thanks for adding spice to my life!

I think I will start growing my own - I see you guys have a chilli growing pack online, might take a look!

Your biggest fan,

I have just received my order of your 3 Hottest Sauces (Reaper, Ghost & Scorpion).

Naturally I went straight for the Reaper Sauce and ate a considerable amount with some plain grilled chicken.

I wanted to email yourselves and say that your sauce is most definitely lethal and worthy of being an extra hot sauce!

For too long I have tried many “hot” and “extra hot” and even “extra extra hot” sauces that have always been a disappointment.

Having eaten Reaper Chilli’s whole - I was delighted to find them in a Sauce form.

Your 3 sauces are most definitely outstanding, high quality sauces that put all other sauces on the market to shame.

I will very much be a loyal customer to yourselves from now on and I look forward to enjoying many meals with your sauces.

Just wanted to provide some honest feedback
Recently I have tried it. Yes, it's really the hottest sauce from SDCF! This sauce is such as classic red hot pepper sauce must be: simple content (3 ingredients), unspoiled by a bulk of spices aroma of Carolina Reaper and traditional for this pepper hot kick delay. Remarkable thing for lovers of natural food, but... it doesn't reach an appointed hotness 700 000 - 1 000 000 SHU. I compared it with one of the UK sauce with 600 000 SHU and Reaper had a lower hotness. Nevertheless Reaper sauce is one of the best I tasted.
Best chilli sauce I have ever purchased. Amazingly hot! We need more of this!!!!
Wow, that's hot! Great flavour, but I only need a few small drops on a meal. I've found the best way is to mix it in - NOT MUCH - when I'm cooking to spread it around. I keep some grated cheese handy though.. Handy size to take with me when eating out.

Just a quick note to thank you for the Reaper Sauce which arrived a week or so back.

It’s delicious & incredibly fruity before the heat kicks in. Here’s my video review - - It did send me a bit loopy towards the end – but in a good way!

Thanks again & kind regards
I was left literally buzzing after I tried it. Very fruity with a certain amount of sweetness coming through and, of course, insanely hot.
Loved it! Thanks very much. :)
Cheers, Matt
Got mine last week after I challenged an American visitor to the chilli farm to give it a go... For approx 4 seconds you're thinking 'hmmm nice fruity taste, what's all the fuss abo.......AAAARRRRGGGHHH'
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