Scorpion Chilli Sauce

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Scorpion Chilli Sauce (50ml)



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The Scorpion Chilli Sauce is one of our new range of Super chilli sauces. (launched in Dec 2015)

Like its namesake this sauce will Sting you! Packaged in a pocket-sized bottle as you only need one drop for extreme heat.

 If you love Hot Chillies you'll love this sauce, just go steady when you try it until you know how much you need to reach the perfect heat.

This extremely hot and fruity sauce is made with just fresh Scorpion chillies, spirit vinegar and salt.

The Scorpion chilli has been measured at just over 1.4 million on the Scoville Heat Unit scale.

 If you still want something hotter have a look at the Reaper Chilli Sauce, the hottest sauce in this range.

Heat Rating: 11/10 (500,000 -  700,000 Scoville Heat Units)

Ingredients: Fresh Scorpion chillies:60%, spirit vinegar, salt.

Container: 50ml glass bottle with tamper-evident seal.

  Winner of  2017/2018 Gold Taste Of The West award 



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Really nice taste to this! Only a small bit at a time.. as the heat rating states, it’s proper!

P.s just want to thank you all at south Devon chilli farm for having a flawless website/service and personal touch. I’m based in Ireland and even during these difficult times I received this and my other items in no time at all. Hats off!
Recently received a bottle of your scorpion sauce as a present for my birthday. I absolutely love it and can't wait to try more products
Just wanted to thank you guys for producing the best chilli sauce! Ever since I moved back from Brazil, I have been trying to find a chilli sauce that can satisfy my craving for homemade malagueta sauce. And I finally discovered your Scorpion sauce. Now I travel an hour to a small independent shop in Notting Hill once a month, just to buy! Thank you for being awesome guys!!!!!
Just took delivery of this today. It does exactly what it says on the tin.
Just peppers, vinegar and salt. Nothing to mess with the great citrus flavours of the scorpion.
And yes this is hot as satans breath - it's like a solero ice lolly mixed with napalm. A great purist chilli sauce.

I just purchased some of your scorpion chilli sauce from Amazon, I would just like to say it is the most amazing chilli sauce I’ve tasted, I have no idea how I’m going to get through the bottle lol , 3 or 4 little drops onto my food and my mouth is a lovely burning sensation well after my meal has gone.

Thanks again for a great product and its British as well , Good job

Regards From Foggy Aberdeen
I was a little unprepared for what was waiting on my doormat when I got home from work today. First of all, thankyou SDCF for asking me to review your Scorpion Chilli Sauce. My face is not so grateful.

So, getting the formalities out of the way, the packaging was nice and secure, I'd be confident that even the most careless postie would be hard pushed to break the bottle.

50ml is the perfect size. I'd be worried about the insides of a person who can consume more than this within 6 weeks of opening. The label bears the legend "It Stings!" which is not an exaggeration.

I didn't have any crackers on hand to taste test with, so instead opted for plain chips (French fries, not crisps) to try this stuff out. No matter how confident you are, do NOT use this like ketchup. The heat doesn't hit you instantly but develops very fast, often a hot sauce seems mild for the first minute and then increases, but this hits hard fast. Then it keeps on going.

The problem with most VERY hot sauces is that they focus on heat and ignore flavour, like the variety of sauces with amusing names referring to pain/injury/bowel distress. With the Scorpion sauce SDCF have balanced heat and flavour perfectly. Despite the intense heat, it not only tastes delicious, but doesn't disable your taste buds so that you can't taste it. I find that most varieties of Jolokia have a distinctive flavour and that's present here. The flavour is somehow quite subtle, confusing when your face is melting.

I don't want anyone to be under any illusions about the heat this stuff packs. I'll eat a raw naga and smile about it, but a SPLASH of this stuff with a few chips dipped in it had me sweating and my face didn't feel right for a good hour. In a good way granted, and there was a very enjoyable endorphin rush that the chilli enthusiast will recognise like an old friend, but this stuff is not for amateurs.

I'll definitely be stocking up on this when I next visit. It's a delicious blend of intense heat, slow burning pain and phenomenal flavour.

Buy it.
I received my sample of Scorpion Hot Sauce through! Wow that's hot! You guys have done well!
Just wanted to give you some feedback on it.
Firstly, love the bottle! Great design! Nice work!
Secondly, as I've said already, damn it's hot!!! Epic heat, long burn, put ya out of action for a good 10 mins! Lol, nice!
Love that you can get the actual flavour of the chilli coming through. You can taste that distinctive Trinidad scorpion flavour .
Glad you guys haven't used any preservatives or chemicals in there, simple ingredients make for a better sauce (in my opinion).
The only place I see for improvement would be less vinegar. I'm not a huge fan of strong vinegary sauces and prefer other flavours coming through. Just my opinion though but I figured you'd appreciate the honest feedback.
Got my free bottle of scorpion chilli sauce from the excellent South Devon Chilli Farm holy moly it's feisty. Got to try the reaper and ghost when they hit the shops.
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