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Bag of 5 Fresh Carolina Reaper - RED



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The Carolina Reaper has been measured at over 2 million scoville units and is the hottest chilli we currently grow. Take great care when chopping these chillies - gloves are advised. 

This chilli was given the 'hottest in the world' title in August, 2013 and was bred by the PuckerButt company in South Carolina, USA. Incredibly, the record for eating three of these fruits is just over 12 seconds!

If you try these chillies, please leave comments (see review section below). We'd love to hear what you make of them.

Note - sold RED. Note - these are proper hot this year (2018).

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On my previous review I mentioned these chillies are not hot.Well I have to change my review.Normally I eat 1 or 2 Naga everyday.I tried the very green one first. I did not feel that much hot in it.But When I tried the second one which was green and little bit yellow.I can confirm that these are hottest chilli I have ever tried.Thanks a lot South Devon Chilli Farm.
well i can only say if you like your food hot and i mean hot these are the little badboys you want!!!! I made chilli chicken for myself and over judged it ha, a whole ghost chilli has been fine for me in the past but these little beautys well half woooo still delicious... Not for the faint hearted!!!
It's hot but not hot enough for me.I from BD. Not hot like BD Kamranga chilli. I have tried almost all chilies. What I have seen so far climate plays a vital role in chillies. If someone grows world's hottest chilli in a different climate the taste and the heat level will change. Anyway I loved the scent of it.It reminded me of my mum's chilli plant.
Very hot handle with care
If your after THE hottest chilli money can buy look no further. These little balls of lava pack some serious punch. I've eaten quite a few different chillies, but nothing beats these.

Me and a friend ate half a chilli each and both agreed that it hurt like hell. The taste whilst chewing these peppers is really nice, quite floral and similar to a bhut jolokia. As soon as you swallow the heat begins and doesn't let up for at least 15 mins. No amount of milk will cure it and the heat progresses further and further. It literally feels as though you have a hot coal on your tongue.

Overall, if you're looking for a super hot chilli, you're in the right place. If your a beginner to all these super hots, stay well clear.

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