Santa Fe Grande chillies

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Santa Fe Grande (5 fruits)



Heat of Product : Medium

Thick & fleshy with a medium heat - about 3 inches long. Picked yellow. Ideal for cooking, salsa or stuffing with cheese. Normally available Mid July to the end of November.

Recipe 1: Finely chop 1 Santa Fe Grande chilli and add to a few chopped fresh tomatoes. Add coriander leaves, lemon juice and salt to taste.

Recipe 2: Slice in half length-wise, de-seed, fill with a strong cheese, and grill.

Recipe 3: Slice into rings, place on cheese on toast and grill. Good to spicy-up pizza too. 

Redipe 4: Try our easy and delicious pickling recipe with these chillies.

All chillies freeze very well.


Weight: 5 Fruits are approximately 130g

Flavour: Melon

Notes: Usually sold yellow, but could be red/orange later in the season.

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Another kilo ordered for pickling....these are simply the best on pizzas and SDCF have again provided excellent chillies really quickly.
Amazing, ordered a kilo and all great. Will be the best pickled chillies for pizzas in a few weeks, just in time as last years run out.
Bulked bought 500g of these to only wish I ordered the 1kg. These chillies go down like apples in my house, I try to cook with them but we all love them as a snacking chilli raw. However when I do cook with them I keep them chunky and large with savoury rice etc.

These chillies pound for pound one of my favourite, now im a chilli head loving anything that delivers a mule like kick these deliver everything from a lovely texture to a building heat sensation (not the hottest) but there not meant to be. Also fresh chilli taste which everyone loves.

Another speedy delivery, next time 1kg bag thanks SDCF your second to none!
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